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Aim Academy is reinventing education. We help students discover
and grow their unique strengths — because the world needs them.

We offer a truly different approach to school. Supported by the latest in technology and cognitive science, we move beyond the traditional tools of lectures, homework, high-stakes tests, and grades. At Aim Academy, our students learn in collaborative classrooms of multi-age learners. Our flexible approach challenges each student with their own differentiated learning plan and inspires them through real-world projects and experiences.

Experience how Acton is transforming education in this independent, award-winning documentary.

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At Aim Academy, we believe that learning to do, learning to be, and learning to learn are more important than memorization alone – learning to know.

What Makes Aim Academy Different?

Socratic discussions, collaborative projects and self-paced learning in a student-led environment. Acton students are building real-life skills in the classroom everyday.

Powerful interactive technology

Self paced learning for Reading, Writing and Math.

The Socratic Method

Critical thinking skills and forging character.

A Learner Driven Community

Serious commitments; genuine relationships; authentic accountability.

Real World Quests and Apprenticeships

Hands on learning for 21st Century skills.

Traditional Schools vs. Aim Academy

At Traditional Schools...

  • Worksheets, busy work, homework, boring work
  • The teacher is always the expert
  • Taught what to think through memorization and regurgitation of rules and facts
  • Grades and report cards
  • The teacher lectures, disciplines, and makes the rules
  • Students are confined to rows of desks
  • Told what to read, what to learn and when to learn it
  • Classrooms where creativity is diminished and its nearly impossible to reach your full potential
  • Pace set by the teacher, or worse, the average of the collective where student progress is effectively limited by the lowest common denominator
  • Grouped by age
  • Kids often stressed out about going to school every morning
  • Beaurocratic processes that almost never change
  • Lack of any leadership or decision-making opportunities
  • Failure is avoided and is considered a depressing end
  • Morals and character are an afterthought or avoided entirely
  • Passive, disengaged learning where its easy to get lost in the crowd
  • A transactional school like a factory with bells, shifts, and one-size fits all

At Aim Academy...

  • 100% customized learning plans with cutting-edge adaptive tech, writer's workshops, quests, hands-on materials, and exciting challenges
  • Socratic Guides ask questions inviting our learners to become the experts
  • Learn how to think with debates and real world projects
  • Personalized goals, mastery based badges, comprehensive portfolios, and community exhibitions
  • Everyone's a teacher, peer-to-peer accountability, and student created contracts and promises
  • Freedom to move around, explore, experiment, and collaborate
  • Freedom to puruse your own interests and work on passion projects every day
  • Studios where outside-the-box thinking is rewarded and the process of finding a calling a life begins to occur
  • Self-paced progress enhanced by productivity hacks and independence, only hindered by a learners imagination
  • Experience 'Houses' of mixed-ages where freqeuently changing rosters and difficult team projects are always adding new dynamics to learn from
  • Our learners complain every time there is a day or week off of school--seriously
  • A never-ending process of innovation where we are always adapting and looking for even better ways of doing things
  • Incredible leadership opportunities developed by serving on committees, team leaders, and making decisions that actually impact the school
  • Failure is embraced for the learning and growth it provides
  • Strength of character is tested, grown, and explored-- including attributes such as perserverance, honesty, accountability, gratitude and more
  • Active, egnaged learning alongside a community of families
  • A transformational school like a journey, with big goals, mentors, tools, and a destination you care about

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”Acton Academy is one of the most important education developments in the world. The story behind the ideas, the school, and the movement is a must read.“
— Tom Van der Ark, CEO of Getting Smart
Our daughter is absolutely thriving at Acton Academy. She is taking ownership over her education - learning how to prioritize, focus, and accomplish goals. We couldn't be happier with the education, community, and values of Acton Academy.

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